Monday, 29 July 2019

The Most Eccentric Festivals around the World!

World is a home to many cultures and every culture brings along a fair share of occasions to celebrate. Eating, drinking and dancing are a common part of most of the festivals. But there are few festivals that will give you a culture shock. Let’s learn more.

Air Guitar World Championships – Celebrating Harmony!
Ever wondered experiencing the unadulterated rock and roll and that too, without the instruments! Well, if it is hard to believe for you, it would be equally interesting to know that one such festival actually takes place in Finland. The festival is termed as Air Guitar World Championships which is organized to promote the world peace. It serves as a fascinating show for people who get to see the incredible performances from he world’s best air guitarists.

 La Tomatina – Mass Tomato Fight!
What else you can do with tomatoes instead of cooking and eating? How about having a tomato fight? It actually happens at the famous La Tomatina festival, celebrated in Spain. Here you can witness and be a part of the mass tomato fight in the streets. There is an interesting tale behind this festival. In fact, it started as a street fight between teenagers who were using tomatoes from the adjacent vegetable stalls. Now it happens every year and within 1 hour of starting this festival, the town is covered in tomatoes so badly that the fire department has to invade to spray everything down.
El Colacho- Jumping Over Babies!

EL Colacho is also termed as the baby jumping festival. It occurs annually on the feast of Corpus Christi in Castrillo de Murcia, a Spanish village. You will get to witness the new-born babies till the age of 12 months are placed on a mattress in the street. After that, all the adult men of the village are supposed to take their turns by jumping over them. Though there are usually injuries happen but people believe that it only involves the jumpers and not the babies. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Lopburi Monkey BanquetFeast for Monkeys!
The next festival in our list of bizarre festivals is the Lapburi Money Banquet festival which is also known as Monkey Festival. Around three thousand monkeys are there to relishing on fruits, vegetables and lot more eatables including ice-cream. This is a perfect opportunity to swing by the madness of monkeys. An interesting sight to behold is monkeys stuffing their faces. It holds no significance and is seen as only an alleged attempt to boost tourism. Be ready to hang out with a bunch of monkeys!

Underwater Music Festival – Ready for Subaqueous Party?
How many of us ever thought of being a guest at an underwater party? It is not impossible with the Underwater Music Festival, celebrated in Florida. If you ever wished so, it is the time to live your dream at this quirky celebration. The concert is organized at the coral reef and gains attention of public for their entertainment. Besides, it is also aimed at raising awareness for coral reef preservation. Participants get a chance to mime along to music using particularly sculpted underwater musical instruments. Are you all set to see the divers, snorkelers and musicians beautifully dressed in whimsical nautical costumes?

Sunday, 16 June 2019

A Day Well Spent

‘A Perfect Day’ well, we all have uttered this word at least once in a lifetime. Do we actually realize its true essence? What could be the perfect day for you? For different people, it is different. For some, it is the day, they spend happily for one or another reason. For others, the day can be termed as ‘perfect’ which they have been longing for quite some time i.e. days, months or even years.

A perfect day is when your soul smiles

You Can Make Any Day ‘Perfect’
Well, I think any day can be perfect if one wishes to make it. Again, it depends on your preferences and choice of tasks you wish to include in your ‘perfect day’ other than following the regular routine. For me, it is a perfect day when you derive happiness by doing something for someone. Don’t get me wrong here; yes we do it every day for our loved ones. But how about doing something unexpected for someone that can make his or her day!

Find Out the Opportunities to Help
 It can be assisting someone with their hectic schedule or helping the needy with the things that can actually make a difference in their life. I don’t think any of us has been deprived of doing something for others. It’s a pure joy that not only gives you sense of satisfaction but also adds to your peace of mind by experiencing the hidden ‘Bliss’.

Backseat Yourself for the Time Being
There are times in life when we feel delighted or even sad for no reason. Unable to understand, we carried away with the emotion throughout the day. When you are delighted, you automatically take joy in everything you do. But the scenario is completely different when you feel dejected. It is the time when you need to hold and check to switch on your mood.

Shift Your Focus on Helping Others
We all have different ways to deal with sadness. Some of us simply hang around with friends; others indulge in their favorite pastime, movie or shows. It may help for the time being but that little sadness which you feel inside does not fade away completely. Let’s try this; get up that very moment and decide to shift your focus on thinking about others. Ponder over what you can do to add little joy to someone’s life. Only then you will be able to call it a day that is well spent.

You can make anyone smile anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Make most of your ‘life’ the best gift from God.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Blessings are on their Way....

As we progress in life, we start realizing the true worth of beautiful gift, 'LIFE'. No matter how long we have been worried about the things that were not going fine, there comes a time when you feel that the best time was what you lost.

'Present' is the Best Moment
'Live in the Present' this simple quote has the essence of life if one can truly understand it. Life is too simple and it is 'We' who create complications. Accept the simplicity of life as it is and enjoy going with the flow. It is one of the best ways to lead a peaceful life.

Enjoy the 'Process'
Taking joy in the bliss of life is not something that needs any expertise. Anyone can do it with a little practice. Have you ever wondered that one thing that was once your dream and after achieving it, you feel monotonous after a period of time? It is why because you may have skipped enjoying the process in quest of its achievement.

Let the 'Fears' go
It is always seen that your life is blissful most of the times. If it appears not, it is the perspective you carry along. Let's understand it through an example! Just recollect the last time something bad happen to you and how long you remained affected by the same. Human mind has lots of fears and some of them are totally baseless. A better way to deal with those fears is not to give them serious thoughts and let them go.

Look at the 'Bright' Side
Gratitude is the best way to attract more blessings in your life. It does not depend on how much wealth you have, what it takes is the right mindset to see the brighter side of life every time. Even if something worse happens to you, believe that there is something good behind this that you may not be able to see yet but will find out later.

Single 'Idea' is Enough
Enough has been said in motivational books, inspirational quotes and best literature of the world. Most of us are also aware of them too. All you need to do is pick and choose that one idea which can work best for you and make your life more enriching. Just take one thought and apply it in your life for a period of time till it gets into your habit and expect the wonders.

Moving on with 'Gratitude'
Always believe that you deserve the best life and blessings are on their way. This approach towards life makes you feel more contented every morning once you wake up. Life has both to offer; happiness and sadness so that you can enjoy the fruit of bliss after a dark and cloudy night of suffering. If you have been going through a bad phase in life, thank God for the same because you had your share of it. After that, what all left to experience is bliss, joy, laughter, contentment, and peace.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Modern Day Challenges that are Stealing Away Blissful Childhood!

Unlike old days, life has become fast-moving. Living peacefully nowadays seems a distant dream for most of us. Not only adults but children are also getting affected by this. In such scenario, we all need to make an effort to make the atmosphere nice for entire family, especially for our kids.

Overhelping the Child!

Most of us would agree with me that our ancestors used to encourage us to learn on our own and rarely helped us. That was indeed a good way to make child independent from the beginning itself. But now, the picture is entirely different. Most of the new-age parents are so overcaring for children that they don't let them grow naturally. They are always ready to extend help even if it is not required. It would not be wrong to say that they do have children's well-being in their mind but this is not the way it should be.

Adding More Luxuries!

The children are being emotionally, physically and mentally weaker as compared to the old era. Reason being we tend to supply every luxury to them without asking. The motive behind is simple that our child should not be deprived of anything. But it is creating a 'void' in their life. They are forgetting the art of sharing and owning a possessive behaviour for their belongings. We really need to watch it over and make their life little uneasy (not to be taken literally) by not adding each and every luxury to their life. It will help them grow normally and they won't face any difficulty in adjusting in an ambience which is not so luxurious.

Less Communication!

Nowadays most of the families have less members, usually mother, father and siblings (less chances of siblings too). So child has natural tendency to not mingle with many people. This way, he is becoming emotionally weaker and high on sensitivity which is not good for him in future. Parents need to take their children out and make it a habit to let them open up with people other than the family members.

Lack of Right Example!

It is said that nowadays there are not many physical diseases. Most of them starts from our state of mind resulting into mental illness which has an adverse effect on our physical health. Children are experiencing abnormal behavior at home where elders showcase irritation, anger, frustration and yelling. It leaves your child wondered which world is this. The situation even get worse if your child is a toddler as this is the age he starts observing and makes it a real lesson for life what he observes.

Parents! Wake up please and let your child enjoy a blissful childhood. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A Thankful Note......

Dear Mentor,

Finding it hard to devote time;
You managed it with smile!
With an essence of unity;
You tied us in team affinity!

Preceded us to buck up;
You aided us to pick up!
We hesitated and smile;
And then you made us shine!

You were always on your toes;
To make us steadily grow!
Glad to shout with joy;
To learn from you as lay!

Feeding us to gain energy;
You added to our felicity!
Fighting against odds;
You induced us to left off!

Falling in love with your attitude;
Expressing our gratitude!
Proving our worth was on your mind;
Thank you for being so kind!

Dedicated to my Gurmukhi mentor from -Navi Umeed !!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

5 Things to Change Your Life for Betterment!

Well, our ancestors have never ever thought that the upcoming generations will move towards learning the art of life. Unfortunately, it is true in today’s fast-paced life where everyone seems in hurry to join the rat race of making money. While we have got more facilities than ever, we are being accustomed to them so much that we forget to enjoy the true wealth we have, LIFE.

Life management is simple but we make it complicated. Leveraging on the technology, we have almost forgotten to follow the rules, set by nature.

Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations!
Most of us have experienced this at least once in our life. We know that life is not going the way we want to live. In our endeavor to make it better, we sometimes mistake setting unrealistic expectations. No matter it is health, career, study or relationship, we want things to be changed overnight which is not possible. So, always refrain from setting unrealistic goals and try to chase them. Think well and take one step at a time to achieve success in the long run.

Stay Connected to Your Hobby!
In the world of technology, metal peace seems distant from most of us. The best way to bring back the joy in your life is to pursue a hobby. Try to remember what you used to like. Find a way and stay connected to your hobby. It is the best way for your mental well-being. Not only may people think of it because of their old lifestyle. You are fortunate if you could think and pursue your hobby at the later stage of your life.

Write Everything You Want!
This step may seem irrelevant too few of us. But it is a fact, what you write, you achieve. Reason being, while writing you are focusing on one thought that draws you near that. What you write has more chances to accomplish. If you don’t write, you may fall prey to laziness and after sometime, you will almost forget about it. So, achieve your wish by jotting down.

Reward Yourself Off and On!
Have you experienced that feeling, ‘nobody appreciates me’? Well, we all have experienced the same at one point of time in our life. While we grudge others of not appreciating us, what do we do? No matter, how big or how small achievement it is, you should feel proud of it. The best way is that plan a reward for you and feel the joy after you achieve something.

Do Something Crazy!
While saying this, I don’t want you to jump from somewhere or risk your life. Doing something crazy simply means do something beyond conventional method. For example, if you celebrate birthdays at your home always, this time why not going out. Attend a session that you find interest in. Experimenting a new recipe at home can delight someone while others may experience joy on a camel ride.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Shashi Kapoor-The Man with Chrisma and Arresting Smile!

This post would not have been on my list if I had not admired Shashi Kapoor since childhood. I have been an ardent fan of this man with the twinkle in his eyes. The magical smile that won many hearts still reminds me his early days in Bollywood. While he captured media’s attention for being associated with the proudest family of Bollywood-Kapoor Khandan, he was much more than just a Kapoor.

I would love to share few memories that remind me of this great actor.

The Childhood Trace of Acting!

In my teenage, I saw him acting in movie-AAG where he played the young Rajkapoor. What a spark! What a role played! I must say the acting was in his blood. He never had to convince in any role that he played. What he acted, it came naturally to him.

His Undying Love for Theatre!

It is a known fact now that Shashi Kapoor has also contributed in Theatre which proves his worth to the Entertainment industry. We cannot forget that Theater also served as a platform where he met his love, Jennifar Candel. Not only this, he acted in a couple of Hollywood movies as well. He has left behind the invaluable gift of 'Prithvi Theatre'.

A Series of Interesting Tales!

Being an enthusiastic fan of him, I would never miss any headlines/news/events that had Shashi Kapoor.  It reminds me of Rajkapoor’s interview where he called Shashi Kapoor as ‘Taxi’. Reason being Shashi Kapoor used to sign many movies at the same time and acted simultaneously in different projects. That made him named as ‘Taxi’ by Raj Kapoor Sahib.

Expressions of Fan's Love!

I used to love watching his movies twice, thrice or as many times as I could. I am sure there are many who have done the same. In my teenage, I had a diary having his movies name listed, few photos sourced from newspapers (because the internet was a luxury in 1990s, not everyone could avail it) and his songs. Collecting any info associated with my favorite star Shashi Kapoor made me excited for so many years.

I remember celebrating his birthday with more enthusiasm than of mine. This year also, I felt so good seeing him turning 79 on 18th March 2017. But who knows it would be his last birthday. With his sad departure from the earth, my wish to meet him once in my life remains unfulfilled. Thankfully, we have Prithvi Theatre where I can still go and feel his presence. 

A Tribute to the Legend!

All I could say Shashiji, you ruled millions of hearts and lived a life of significance. You have inspired not only Bollywood but many of your fans in countless ways. We love you and You will be Missed. No one can ever replace you! May Almighty love you!